Transcend Card Recovery

  • Highly advanced tool to recover deleted photos from Transcend memory cards
  • Rapid recovery of music files from Transcend cards that are extremely damaged
  • Recovers file from Transcend SDHC card which is corrupt due to malware attack
  • Best Transcend CF card data recovery tool in the industry to restore lost files
  • Well known utility that recovers video files lost from Transcend xD cards

Transcend memory card recovery tool

Are you in search of a recovery tool that can recover all your deleted files from Transcend memory card? If you are feeling bad that you have deleted your favorite videos or images from your Transcend memory card then you need not feel so. It is very easy to retrieve back the deleted files from your Transcend card. It is definitely possible with the help of Transcend card recovery utility which is the most recommended software in the industry. You can get back all your favorite videos, music collections and precious images only with few mouse clicks. Use Transcend card recovery if you want rapid recovery of files deleted or lost from Transcend SD card or XD card. You may delete important files from your SD card and later regret for deleting those vital pictures or mp3 files. But instead you can try this advanced tool to perform Transcend SD card recovery without any difficulty.

Under what scenarios Transcend card recovery can be used?

Transcend card recovery tool lends a helping hand in many data loss scenarios. As mentioned earlier in case if you have deleted your memorable photos, video files or other media files unknowingly from your Transcend card then you can definitely use this utility to recover deleted media files. Many times due to virus attack or abrupt pulling out of card from a host device such as a computer your Transcend card gets corrupt. This leads to deletion of all your media files stored on the card. In such a situation you can try Transcend card recovery program to recover pictures from corrupted memory card of Transcend.

Other scenarios where you can use this tool are sudden power failure, accidental formatting or intentional formatting of the card, improper ejection of card etc. If power fails or power surges interrupt while you are transferring files from your Transcend card to the system then you will lose all the data from your card within seconds. You will also lose your valuable media files from the card if you format the card intentionally or unintentionally. These are the important factors which lead to the deletion of Transcend card files. Let us go through some of the distinguished features of this software.

Distinguished features of the tool:

Transcend Card recovery tool is very quick in recovering files that are lost from Transcend memory cards due to using of the same card in many devices. It can safely restore JPEG, PNG, TIFF and many other photo file formats that are deleted accidentally from Transcend cards. It has the ability to recover lost music files from different Transcend memory cards such as SD, SDHC, xD and CF cards. Transcend card recovery supports recovery of data from Transcend memory card on Windows 7, Win 8, Vista, XP and Win Server. This application is not only capable of recovering files from Transcend cards but it also has the ability to recover files from Transcend flash drives. In fact it is an excellent Transcend flash drive recovery tool that can restore files from formatted flash drives within few minutes. There are many more features of this tool which are unique. Now let us see what measures can be taken so that Transcend card data can be secured.

Measures to be taken to safeguard Transcend card files:

Always make sure that you remove your card safely from any device to which you connect your card. Keep scanning your card regularly to ensure that it is not infected by any dangerous malware or adware. Don't add data forcefully to your Transcend card when it is almost full. These precautions must be taken in order to prevent loss of data from card.

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Simple steps to perform Transcend card recovery:

Step 1: Connect your Transcend memory card to the system using a card reader. Download and then install Transcend card recovery in your computer. As soon as you launch this tool click on "Recover Photos" option that you will see in the main screen.

Transcend Card Recovery - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: After clicking on the option mentioned above you will get one more screen from which you need to select "Recover Lost Photos" option to recover photos that are lost from your card.

Step 3: Next select your Transcend card from the list of logical drives to recover photos from it. As soon as you select the card scanning process will begin during which the software scans your card to recover data from it.

Transcend Memory Card Recovery - Choose Transcend Card

Figure 3: Choose Transcend Card

Step 4: Once the scanning is finished the software will produce a list of recovered photos. You can view the recovered photo files by clicking on "File Type View" or "Data View" option. To preview the recovered photos prior to saving you can use "Preview" option.

Transcend Card Restoration - Recovered Photo Preview

Figure 4: Recovered Photo Preview

Step 5: Save the recovery session by clicking on "Save Recovery Session" option and then purchase the tool if you are satisfied with the performance of the software.

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users