Tool to Recover Data from a Transcend StoreJet

  • An incredible tool that retrieves files from Transcend StoreJet cards with ease
  • The algorihtm securely scans the memory card for the lost files
  • Allows users to perform recovery after accidental deletion, card format, corruption and other data loss disasters
  • Supported by all editions of Windows and Macintosh machines

Transcend StoreJet hard drive can store and manipulate files of varied formats in very effective ways. Sometimes the files that are stored on the Transcend StoreJet HDD goes missing due to varied reasons. If you have lost files or folders from the Transcend StoreJet hard disk drive and wish to recover data from Transcend StoreJet hard disk drive, then make use of this software. Transcend Card Recovery software has one of the best algorithms to recover data from the Transcend StoreJet with utmost ease.

Some of the reasons for file loss from the Transcend StoreJet hard drive are detailed as follows:

Accidental Formatting: Format command allows the users to reset the file system of any drive. When this thing is done each of the files saved over the drive is deleted. When we make use of this command without any intention then it results in the loss of files on a very large scale from respective drive such as Transcend StoreJet hard drive.

Accidental Deletion: Deletion is one of the best options to get rid of some of the specific files from Transcend StoreJet hard drive. If we unintentionally apply this command on Transcend StoreJet then it results in very remorseful situations. As this kind of the deletion happen there is no manual way left to recover data from the Transcend StoreJet.

File System Corruption: File system is one of the most crucial parts of any Transcend StoreJet hard drive. Sometimes such crucial part of Transcend StoreJet gets corrupted and henceforth each of the files saved over the drive gets unreachable. Once the file system gets corrupted every attempt made to access files from a Transcend StoreJet an error message is generated.

Other Reasons: Besides above-detailed scenarios files saved on Transcend StoreJet hard drive can get missing due to the deletion by the third-party software, bad sectors, error while altering the file system, improper ejection etc. To know in-depth knowledge about this kind of scenarios visit this link:

In each of the above-stated scenarios users can recover data from the Transcend StoreJet, because when any of the files is deleted or lost then only the logical existence of the file is lost. So, in order to recover data from a Transcend StoreJet, all that is needed to do is rebuilt the pointer of respective files. However, to ensure that you recover data from the Transcend StoreJet in the best way the users must stop making use of the drive for saving any of the new files. Some of the popular image formats that can be rescued by this software are JPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG, PSD etc. To know in detail about how to make its use to recover pictures from a corrupted Transcend StoreJet, visit this link:

The interface of this software guides users at every single step to perform the data recovery from a Transcend StoreJet in a hassle-free manner. Without any problem, any of you can make use of this software on different Windows and Mac operating systems. Any of you can make use of this software for data recovery from a Transcend pen drive, SD card, memory stick, MMC, xD card etc.

This software supports the recovery of more than 300 file types. Some of the popular media types that you can recover using this device are MP3, MP4, MOV, MPG, MIDI, WAV etc. Additionally, you can retrieve lost data from a Transcend SSD without any complexity. The interface of this application ensures that data recovery is performed in a flawless way.

Steps to Recover Transcend StoreJet Hard Drive:

Step 1: Download and run the Transcend card recovery in your computer. Once you get the main screen click on "Recover Drives" option in it as shown in Figure 1.

Recover Data from Transcend StoreJet -Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Select your Transcend StoreJet hard drive among different logical drives to recover files from it. Once you select the drive, choose the Next to begin the scanning process.

Recover Data from Transcend StoreJet - Select Transcend StoreJet Hard Drive

Figure 2: Select Transcend StoreJet Hard Drive

Step 3: As soon as the scanning process is finished on the Transcend StoreJet Hard Drive you will be able to view the recovered files as shown in below figure.

Recover Data from Transcend StoreJet - Recovered Files Preview

Figure 3: Recovered Files Preview

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users