Get Back Data from Transcend JetFlash USB Flash Drive

  • The eminent tool that helps in restoring files from Transcend JetFlash drives in simple clicks
  • Features a rich-set recovery interface that makes file recovery operation effortless
  • It is capable to support all other brands of USB drives, hard drives, SSD, FireWire drives and so on
  • Supported by all existing edition of Windows and Macintosh

The best solution to restore JetFlash USB drive files!

In this fast-paced and high-tech world, technology has made everything easy and fast. Similarly, carrying or transferring the digital data is also has become too fast and easy with flash drives. These USB flash drives are very helpful for storing and transferring files like the MS Office documents, reports, photos and other media files, documentary files in daily life. Transcend JetFlash USB drive is one of the most popular and trendy storage devices to carry data. The greatest advantage of this tiny storage media is that it offers same performance and capacity that of the local or external hard drive but not big in size like this portable HDD hence can be carried away easily at any place. Although these drives offer many advantages over other storage drives but not free of several data loss issues. So if you are experiencing data loss, make use of professional Transcend Card Recovery tool to recover Transcend Flash drive data. It’s an excellent approach to get back data from the Transcend JetFlash USB flash drives.

What are the reasons for data loss from the Transcend JetFlash USB flash drive?

File system corruption: If the file system of flash drive is corrupted then you may receive error messages after connecting it to the computer to access files from it. Generally, such error messages do not let the users access files saved in flash drive resulting in loss of information. Since allocated information of each file from the file system gets corrupted or altered, files stored in the drive cannot be read. In such a stage, it’s important to employ the software to get back data from the Transcend JetFlash USB Flash drive. However, you can restore data from a severely corrupt Transcend 64 GB Class 10 SDHC Card with ease. For more information, click here

Accidental Deletion- It happens to many of users who are using a pen drive, the flash drive or other removable storage drives to save data. Actually, while erasing unwanted files often the users delete a few valuable files mistakenly or in hurry from a JetFlash or any other USB drive. After they come to know the importance of those files, they start worrying to get back data from a Transcend JetFlash USB Flash drive. By utilizing a professional application it becomes too easy to retrieve deleted files from Transcend flash drive.

Corrupted Flash Drive: Files saved on your flash drive cannot be accessed after it is corrupted. Abrupt ejection of the flash drive, bad sectors, virus attack etc. are a few most common reasons for making JetFlash flash drive corrupted after that you will have to launch the recovery tool to get back data from the Transcend JetFlash USB Flash drive. Click on to explore chances of the photo recovery from the corrupted Transcend cards.

Transcend Card Recovery is an eminent software that is advised by most of the industry experts to restore Transcend JetFlash flash drive data after any severe data loss accidents. With this proficient app, the user can recover data from the Transcend CF card, xD, SD card and other removable storage devices from the Transcend. It enables the users to get back data from the Transcend JetFlash USB Flash drive on all latest Mac and Windows computers. You can utilize this tool to restore SD card photos with great ease. To get more details you can refer this page

Note: Any of you can make use of this utility to recover data from the Transcend StoreJet in an effective way. For more detail, make use of this link:

Steps to restore data from a JetFlash USB flash drive:

Step 1: Connect your JetFlash USB flash drive to the system and run software to launch the main screen. Here you have to select "Recover Photos" option.

Get Back Data from Transcend JetFlash USB Flash Drive - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Among different logical drives, select your JetFlash USB drive. Once you select the flash drive, the scanning process will start.

Recover Data from Transcend JetFlash USB Flash Drive - Select jetFlash USB Drive

Figure 2: Select JetFlash USB Drive

Step 3: Soon after the scanning is completed, you will get a list of all recovered files. Preview the recovered files using "Preview" option.

Transcend JetFlash USB Flash Drive Data Recovery - Preview Recovered Files

Figure 3: Preview Recovered Files

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users